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Technical SEO

Your website should be fast, without errors, and optimized to deliver a consistent user experience no matter whether your visitors are on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or cellphones.

On Page Optimization

Your website needs to be well structured so visitors can easily locate information they’re seeking, and each page needs to deliver easy to understand details that answer questions without getting lost in a sales pitch.

Off Page Optimization

Google determines the importance of your site by how other websites link to yours, how those links are related to your industry, and how well they are “trusted”. Good backlinks can propel you to the top of the search results.

SEO Consulting

A website audit will help identify the SEO work that needs to be done, and you can choose to have us perform the technical SEO, on page optimization, and off page optimization, or we can advise your staff on what needs to be done.

Types of SEO Projects Offered

Listed below are 4 types of the most common full service SEO projects that we have performed for previous clients. Although these projects involved every element of SEO that we employ, customers can still select services à la carte from our broad range of SEO services available.

How the SEO Process Works

No matter whether your company is in need of individual à la carte services, or you want to utilize all the tools we have at our disposal for a full service project, our process is the same in how we service our clients. Click here to learn more about our SEO services and processes.

SEO process

Google Customer Reviews

Toban Penner
Toban Penner
14:18 05 Dec 18
Dale knows SEO! He has helped me OWN google! My business is absolutely booming. I don't do any advertising or cold calling, just SEO. He is responsive, intelligent and most importantly, will do everything he can to make your business succeed.
Carolina Car Service
Carolina Car Service
20:24 05 Dec 18
Dale has been super to work with. I have seen drastic improvement in my website traffic and calls due to his efforts. I would highly recommend!!
MosquitoTek, LLC
MosquitoTek, LLC
18:23 26 Aug 19
Dale has been an incredible asset for our company. We rank above the major competitors in our market and that alone makes our client acquisition much easier. We wouldn't have the success we do without the excellent SEO provided by Wise SEO!

Client Highlight

Haven Lockdown

Haven Lockdown is a Tennessee based veteran owned company that specializes in lockdown door systems for schools, churches, and places of business. Their product is unique in the fact that it locks every interior door within a building automatically when there’s a breach in any exterior door by an active shooter. This allows valuable time savings for police to arrive and to minimize casualties. The entire lockdown system can be accessed and controlled through a central panel within a security office by an Administrator, or the locks can be locked and unlocked individually within the rooms through a key fob, wall mounted egress buttons, or manually.

SEO Advice and News

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Most Commonly Asked Questions about Backlinks in 2023

Even though Google is placing a major focus toward search intent for on page optimization in 2023, backlinks are still an important factor for off page optimization in determining the relevance and authority of a website, and they still…
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, ,

How Google's RankBrain is shaping the future of SEO

Introduction RankBrain is a machine-learning artificial intelligence system created by Google. It is capable of analyzing hundreds of data points including keyword terms, web site content, user behaviors, and other factors that are used to…
Silo Website Structure diagram

What is the Best Site Structure?

Creating great content for your audience is only half the battle when visitors come to your website. The information they seek must also be well organized and easy to find within the structure of the site.