National Organic Search

National Organic Search

Appearing in cities and towns across every state in the country requires pages that are individually suited to each location, and while it might seem that scaling out thousands of pages can take years to accomplish, there are techniques that can deliver results in a shorter period of time utilizing the dynamics of database driven pages which also include variables of randomization to prevent issues of duplicate content.


Choose Home Security

Choose Home Security ( is part of a small network of ADT dealer sites that services every state in the United States, so not only did they want to be recognized as a leader for the ADT brand of home security services, but they also wanted to perform well in local organic search results for individual cities and towns within every state of the United States.

Our Task

The Task

While this project presented a logistics issue with scaling out close to 25,000 pages/locations, the solution was found that by focusing in on the most viable markets and then gathering specific crime and demographic data individual to each location, that could then create dynamic pages that would also include elements of randomization to prevent duplicate content.

SEO Involved

Types of SEO Involved