Comprehensive SEO Website Audit

An SEO website audit is a comprehensive analysis of all the contributing factors which determine how a website is able to be found within search results for key phrases related to it’s primary product or service. This includes factors related to on-site technical issues, site structure, content, meta tags, and site speed, as well as off-site backlinks and citations.

explaining a website auditFortunately Wise SEO offers In-Depth Website Audit that includes backlink analysis. The benefits of a site audit are enormous when you take into account that it can help you identify and address these concerns:

  1. Does your website load faster than your competition?
  2. Is it mobile friendly?
  3. Does your website have errors?
  4. Does the overall site structure allow Google to easily crawl your site?
  5. Is it properly organized so visitors can easily find the information they’re seeking?
  6. Are the page titles and descriptions unique to each page, and properly identify information on that page?
  7. Do you have pages that are highly similar in providing the same information or have duplicate content?
  8. Do you have content that is too thin (not enough information) or is too long and convoluted by the overuse of a sales pitch?
  9. Are the links that point back to your website of high trust value and related to your industry?
  10. Do the directories that list your business all show the exact same current information?

The website audit is your springboard to getting on the right path to search engine optimization and gaining an edge not only for attaining higher ranks, but will also increase the amount of time your visitors spend on your website, and how many of them become conversions (inquire into your services).