SEO Consulting

SEO consultingWhile there are many parts of the SEO process that are best handled by seasoned professionals who are extremely familiar with the ever-changing Google algorithms, there are however various tasks that can be handled by our clients and their employees in their attempt to keep costs low. This is where consulting comes in.

Once we have performed the website audit and have identified all the areas of concern, you can elect to have us meet with you so we can not only explain which elements need to be addressed immediately and which can be handled on an ongoing basis, but we can help you determine which members of your team are best suited to perform each individual task. We can then meet with them individually and not only outline what needs to be done, but we can also coach them through the process so you can have in-house employees that are capable of building and maintaining a sustainable system of SEO best practices that will insure your success.

Staff Requirements for Internal SEO

For those that choose to utilize their own staff to perform the functions of the SEO project, here are the 2 types of employees you’ll need:

  1. Web Developer-Designer / IT professional (required) – Will need to be familiar with all aspects of web design and development and will serve as the server and website administrator for technical issues, as well as potentially providing support to writers by posting ongoing content
  2. Writers (required) – Initial work will be in rewriting existing contextual issues, but will perform ongoing article research and write article content for both on site posts as well as social media, and backlink outreach
  3. Visual Media Specialists (optional) – If you truly want to take your SEO efforts to the next level where your traffic and business grows exponentially, then it’s highly recommended that you have someone on staff that can produce informative videos, interesting infographics, and images that are unique to your business and brand. It’s no secret that people love to share these types of media, and the most effective SEO is the types where your content is sharable and earns you backlinks and referral traffic.