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Core SEO Services

  • Website Audits

    The website audit is the first step in uncovering all the technical, contextual, and structural details of the website along with information of how it relates to external websites that link back to it. The audit determines which areas need immediate help in resolving errors, weak areas where improvement can be made, and strong areas that may need minimal work or none at all. Click here to learn more about our website audit services.

  • Technical SEO

    Technical SEO embodies resolving technical issues such as code errors, SSL validation, duplicate content, canonical issues, slow page load times, missing pages and broken links, mobile issues, and unnecessary redirects or redirect chains. Click here to learn more about our technical SEO services.

  • On Page Optimization

    On page optimization covers the spectrum of URL structure, content development, page layout and proper content, keyword utilization, proper metatag usage, image optimization, and internal linking. Learn more about our on page optimization services.

  • Off Page Optimization

    One of the most important aspects of SEO is how other sites relate to your website with backlinks. Do the links that point to your website come from trusted sources that are related to your industry? Do they link using your brand or do the backlinks overuse keywords that you want to be known for?  Off page optimization also covers expanding external locations were you can not only gain the power of a backlink, but you can also gain increased referral traffic. Click here to learn more about our off page optimization services.

  • SEO Consulting

    Once a website audit has been performed to identify all areas of concern that need to be addressed, our customers can elect for us to perform the needed services, or we can simply provide consultation to your staff on what needs to be done. Learn more about our SEO consulting services.

SEO Project Process

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for businesses that want to succeed in ranking well in the search engine result pages (SERPs) for their respective products or services, but the SEO process is consistent in not only identifying the weaknesses and strengths of websites, but also the path to what needs to be done in order to attain their intended goals. Once an initial Free Consultation is done to determine the history of the website and objectives of the company, Wise SEO goes through the following SEO process step by step:

SEO process

  1. Website Audit: The initial website audit is done to uncover any missing page or redirect errors along with potential duplicate content issues, load speeds, mobile-friendly issues, Google indexing issues, site architecture, metatags (page titles, descriptions, canonical), and last but not least, internal and external analysis
  2. Analysis: Once all the data has been gathered from the audit, a comprehensive analysis can be performed to identify all the most urgent issues that need to be addressed immediately, along with a checklist of areas that need improvement.
  3. Planning: Performing proper SEO requires planning out long term goals that not only take into account the immediate needs of a company, but also what types of expansion might need to be considered when rolling out a project. Baseline markers are done prior to every project in order to track progression and identify areas which need greater focus.
  4. Implementation: Implementing the SEO project is unique to every company since the technical SEO, the on page optimization, and the off page optimization is customized to strengthen existing weaknesses and broaden the strengths of each individual company. While one business might have no technical issues to contend with, there might be areas where content is minimal, site structure is poor, or there are no external websites that link to it.
  5. Review: Periodic reviews are done to gauge progress on every project, and although SEO results tend to be more strategic-based as opposed to the tactical-based aspects of SEM/PPC, certain KPIs such as search result page impressions, page ranks on relevant key phrases, organic search traffic, and call/form fill conversions can be analyzed to determine which areas need greater focus.

Google Customer Reviews

Toban Penner
Toban Penner
14:18 05 Dec 18
Dale knows SEO! He has helped me OWN google! My business is absolutely booming. I don't do any advertising or cold calling, just SEO. He is responsive, intelligent and most importantly, will do everything he can to make your business succeed.
Carolina Car Service
Carolina Car Service
20:24 05 Dec 18
Dale has been super to work with. I have seen drastic improvement in my website traffic and calls due to his efforts. I would highly recommend!!
MosquitoTek, LLC
MosquitoTek, LLC
18:23 26 Aug 19
Dale has been an incredible asset for our company. We rank above the major competitors in our market and that alone makes our client acquisition much easier. We wouldn't have the success we do without the excellent SEO provided by Wise SEO!