Off Page Optimization

Off page optimization is the part of SEO that refers to building up a network of external resources that point back to your website with a link (also known as a backlink), or with information detailing your business name, address, and phone number (also known as a citation).

While most SEO companies focus on building up the quantity of backlinks and citations as a way to improve organic search rankings and map packs, the preferred method to gaining the greatest success is to focus on the quality of backlinks and citations. Gaining one backlink from an industry related, highly trusted and established resource as opposed to 1,000 backlinks from low grade unrelated resources is worth much more in terms of value in the eyes of Google which calculates these elements into the determination of which sites are not only the most relevant, but also the most trusted for the highest ranks in their search results.


Wise SEO map packFor companies that want to perform well for map packs (the 3 top results of a search for local brick and mortar businesses), the key to success in gaining as many top positions as possible for key phrases related to your business is to not only have external highly trusted sites that list your company name, address, and phone number (also known as NAPs), but to also make sure the NAPs all show the exact same information.


Once all technical issues have been resolved on a website and every page has been optimized, the two main ongoing elements of SEO that require the greatest amount of work are content development and building high quality backlinks. Building a network of effective backlinks needs to be done in such a way that it doesn’t over optimize key phrases that are relevant to the business, or delve into building out quantities of backlinks from press releases, low trust directories, forums, or blog comments.

Wise SEO knows how to not only obtain highly relevant and trusted locations that will link back to your website and increase the highly valued votes of confidence that Google seeks, but can also make sure the links are the perfect ratio of backlinks that are branded, naked URLs (links with just the web address), exact match key phrases, and mixed match or variation key phrases.